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Joyce Fairbairn

The Hon. Joyce  Fairbairn, P.C., B.A., B.J. Beginning her career as a journalist, Senator Joyce Fairbairn was appointed to the Senate June 29, 1984, by the late former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. She represents the province of Alberta and the Senatorial Division of Lethbridge.

Ideas Forum

Ideas Forum


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Climate change and a fair tax system

17 Nov, 2011 | By Don | Climate Change: this is the most important issue facing us. Visit the James Hansen website and find in the most recent paper that warming is accelerating and temperature anomalies are becoming greater.

4 Days Work Week in Canada - Why haven't we opt for that yet?

30 Aug, 2011 | By OATRICK | " I am a proud Canadian. I love our country. However I feel Canada needs a four day work week like France. Even our country to the south of us may introduce a four day work week in certain states.

Canadian Armed Forces pensions

26 Aug, 2011 | By Craig | Are an absolute mess. Clawbacks at a certain age, overshadowed by medical pensions which are of no real tangible value (they devalue the regular pension, resulting in no real net gain for a medical condition, say, like a blown off limb), and a faulty and flawed Veterans Affairs portfolio.

Preservation of Canadian Lighthouses

5 Jul, 2011 | By Michel | I read with interest the report of the Senate on the above subject.

What Is The Next Step CCSVI/MS Patients Should Take??

2 Jul, 2011 | By Judy | MS Patients need to know, in light of recent developments with CCSVI/MS, and the Minister of Health's announcement that Canada will fund CCSVI trials, what should MS Patients do now?

Canada needs a four day work week. Huge impact on quality of life. Thanks.

17 Dec, 2010 | By mr.kelvin | Yes, I was born in Canada almost 40 years ago. I am a proud Canadian. I love our country. However I feel Canada needs a four day work week like France.

removing the one-cent coin

16 Dec, 2010 | By Arturo | Why not simply stop manufacturing the one-cent coin? Those coins in circulation will remain so, but no new coins will be added.

Veterans Spouses

12 Dec, 2010 | By John | Spouses of veterans who died without making application for benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada are being denied housekeeping and grounds maintenance assistance from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Royal Canadian Navy

11 Dec, 2010 | By Ronald | I encourage all members of the Senate to restore the honour to our military and Canada by advocating the name Royal Canadian Navy.

Re:naming Maritime Command

11 Dec, 2010 | By Keith | I feel very strongly that our Naval Arm of our Armed Forces should return to the name that shows the proud history of that Arm, historically (WWI, WWII, Korea) up to and including the highly successful, professional and proudful work done in the Middle East in very recent years.

GMO's are very dangerous

20 Nov, 2010 | By Jaqui | Why are we even discussing the possibility of genetically modified foods?

Bill C-36 must not be passed! Our rights must be protected!

15 Nov, 2010 | By Bonita | The idea that Health Canada cannot protect Canadians from unsafe items in the marketplace is bogus! Just last week they caused car seats to be recalled. How was that possible if our laws are so lax?

Bill C-9: The Erosion of Accountability / Govt. By Stealth

17 Jun, 2010 | By John | This is my plea for the Senate of Canada to protect all Canadians from the demonstrable abuse of authority that the Harper government is attempting through Bill C-9. For a Budget to include the erosions to: environmental protections, Canada Post’s successful business model, and the privatization of atomic energy among others, at the very least weakens our democracy and cynically discourages the participation of citizens in our parliamentary process.

Bill C-311

1 Jun, 2010 | By Gay | Please pass this bill as quickly as possible. We've seen so many climate initiatives die on the books because of changes in government or elections.

Mandatory Minimums for Child Trafficking - Bill C-268

29 May, 2010 | By Sheri | I write to encourage the Senate to pass Bill C-268 before the summer break, without amendments.
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