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Population aging is a success story, and seniors are a rich and vibrant part of our country... Aging is not a disease. It is a natural life-long process and requires policy options that recognize this fact.

Senator Sharon Carstairs (retired)

As baby boomers begin to pass the 65-year-old mark and enter into “seniors” territory, it becomes ever more important to acknowledge the significance of seniors’ role in our society. It is said that with age comes wisdom and we must not overlook the wealth of knowledge and experience that this particular segment of society has to offer.

Liberal senators are particularly mindful of ensuring that seniors have a voice in Parliament. Many significant initiatives have been undertaken to deal with issues that are especially significant for older members of society. A special Senate Committee on Aging has been studying a number of these topics and speaking directly to Canadians about subjects such as health care, retirement and income security.

We must ensure that the “golden years” live up to their name by protecting the interests of seniors. Understanding the need for ageing in place or examining the delivery of the Guaranteed Income Supplement have been issues championed by Liberal senators. We understand how vital it is to persevere with these efforts on behalf of the growing population of those who are affected by such matters.

By examining the information below, you will gain a clearer understanding of how Liberal senators are leaders on topics that are important to seniors.

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