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Terry Mercer

The Hon. Terry M. Mercer, B.A., C.F.R.E. Appointed to the Senate by the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien in November 2003, Senator Terry M. Mercer represents the province of Nova Scotia and the Senatorial Division of Northend Halifax.

Issues and Ideas

Bill C-10

No other bill has brought so much uproar to my office over the content of legislation.

Senator Wilfred Moore

Bill C-10, which proposed changes to the Income Tax Act, received close scrutiny in the Senate due to one of its amendments which would allow the federal government to cancel tax credits for television or film productions thought to be offensive or not in the public interest.

In Canada we support our artists and filmakers through the work of different agencies, such as Telefilm Canada and the Canadian Television Fund.  Our tax system also provides tax credits to television and film producers.  Under Bill C-10, the Heritage Minister would be able to deny tax credits for productions he or she finds “offensive” or “contrary to public interest.”

Liberal senators are firm in their opposition to any measure that threatens freedom of expression.  We are concerned that decisions about what is “offensive” or “contrary to public interest” would be in the hands of a political minister.  In a democratic country such as Canada, public policy cannot be subject to the personal opinions of one individual.      

It is due to the efforts of Liberal senators that the Senate Banking Committee held hearings on this serious issue and provided artists, writers, film makers and other defenders of free speech across Canada a forum to express their views.

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