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Because this is just the first step, I urge the government to proceed immediately with the next steps, so that Aboriginal Canadians can finally become full citizens of this country.

Senator Aurélien Gill (retired)

On June 11, 2021 Canadians across the country stopped and listened as politicians of all stripes delivered heartfelt and regretful messages of apology. Around the country, survivors of the Indian Residential Schools and their families watched as this dark chapter was exposed from the shadows of our history.  In this unparalleled moment of unity, we took larger steps towards healing.

Liberal senators understand the challenges that Aboriginal Canadians face. Whether in the form of poverty, insufficient access to post-secondary education, or inadequate housing and health care, these areas remain roadblocks to Aboriginal development and prosperity.  Barriers to health care and post-secondary education must be eliminated to ensure that all Aboriginal peoples can achieve success in whatever course they choose to pursue.  Liberal senators further understand the impact the Kelowna Accord can make in closing the prosperity gap and moving toward our goal of full equality among our citizenry.       

On June 12, senators invited Aboriginal leaders to share their stories in the Senate Chamber.  Here you can read what was said and come to better understand the measures being taken by Liberal senators in addressing issues affecting Aboriginal peoples.  They continue to ensure that the issues facing Aboriginal Canadians receive the attention they require, and the results on which to build a lasting foundation.

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