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There is an expression that says: One of the great tests of a nation is the kind of world it leaves to its children; yet the opposite is just as true. The great test of a nation is the kind of children it leaves to the world.

Senator Catherine Callbeck

According to the World Bank, nearly half of the world’s population today are children and young adults. In an everchanging world, the importance of ensuring that sufficient steps are taken to promote positive and healthy development for our children and youth cannot be overstated.

Issues like poverty, literacy, health, education and justice can take on new meanings when considered in the context of children and youth. As our country’s – indeed, our planet’s – future, we must focus on establishing policies and programs with special attention paid to the younger members of our country.

Many young people do not have a strong voice in our society and their rights and interests are far too often overlooked. As Liberal senators we are committed to helping them speak out and be heard. Since 1993, on November 20 of each year, Canadians celebrate National Child Day in honour of children’s rights. The awareness that is promoted by this day is just a first step in helping to protect our youth.  

An African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child and Liberal senators take this to heart. All too often, issues affecting children and young adults are forgotten; we believe we must work together to provide the structures necessary for our nation to address the issues that face young people.

Through the information below you will better understand what Liberal senators are doing to safeguard the future of Canada through strong support of our children and youth.

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