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Combating Poverty

… northerners have a vibrant culture. They want to continue to live, work and raise their families there. The people we spoke with are willing to work extremely hard to fix and create communities that are fair and just for all their citizens. However, they need help.

Senator Terry Mercer on poverty in rural communities

In 1989 Canada’s Parliament resolved to end poverty by 2000.  We have fallen short of that goal.  In prosperous country like Canada, it is difficult to accept that for many citizens, basic human needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, are beyond their reach. 


Liberal senators understand that finding solutions to poverty and developing effective means to defend Canadians against it depends on deep, long term commitment, as well as an ability to hear from all points of view and ensure that all stakeholders are around the table.  We understand this includes equal attention paid to our rural poor, as those in urban settings, and to women, children, immigrants and Aboriginal people. 


We also believe in combating poverty overseas.  A safer and more secure world depends on greater shared prosperity and increased opportunities for a greater number of people.

Through the information provided, you will come to be better informed of the measures Liberal senators are taking to ensure issues of poverty receive the attention they deserve and the action they require.          

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