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More and more of our citizenry are realizing the social and economic benefits of a post- secondary degree and are seeking to attend schools across the country. The challenge, then, for all levels of government is in providing, for those who desire it, a post-secondary education that is accessible, affordable and of high quality.

Senator Claudette Tardif
Canada may be rich in natural resources, but none are as valuable as the skills and knowledge of its citizens.  It’s clear that the 21st century belongs to the educated and the innovative, and for that, Canada needs a top-notch post-secondary education system that is accessible and affordable to those who want to learn and excel.   By cultivating our knowledge resources – the minds, the ideas, and the innovation of Canadians – we can compete -- and win -- on the world stage.  With skills, knowledge, and research we will also be able to face the daunting challenges of this century – climate change, health care, agriculture, energy, peace and stability – to name a few. 


Liberal Senators understand that access to post-secondary education is a challenge to too many Canadians.  Students from coast to coast to coast should be able to pursue their educational goals without facing the prospect of years and years of student loan payments.  We understand this includes increasing the levels of financial assistance to students through scholarship programs, as well as ensuring these initiatives are designed to be inclusive. 


Across Canada, our universities, which attract scholars from around the world, are hubs of learning, research, and innovation.  We value the contributions of our top minds and want to ensure that Canada is the place where the best and the brightest choose to study, teach, research and contribute.  The investments we make in post-secondary education are direct investments in our young people, our communities, our economy and society.  These investments are for the good of all. 


Through the information provided, you will become better informed of the measures Liberal Senators are taking to ensure the post-secondary education system receives the attention it requires and the results students deserve.

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