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Meet Senator

Catherine Callbeck

The Hon. Catherine S. Callbeck, B.Comm., B.Ed. Senator Catherine S. Callbeck was the first woman in Canada to be elected as Premier and was named as one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2006. Appointed to the Senate on September 23, 1997, she represents the province of Prince Edward Island.

Issues and Ideas

Arts and Culture

It is the business of creative arts to push the edges. To make us think about things. And in some cases, to change the way we think.

Senator Tommy Banks (retired)

From Karen Kain to Naomi Klein; from Michael Ondaatje to Michel Tremblay; from the Group of Seven to Cirque du Soleil; from David Cronenberg to Oscar Peterson; from Margaret Atwood to Sandra Oh, artists help us see who we are, where we came from and where we’re going. They help us connect to different places, extraordinary times and unique people.

Whether through music, dance, writing, painting or any other form, artists of all kinds use their tools of choice to give a voice to their message. As creators and protectors of our cultural heritage, the role of artists should not be underestimated nor underappreciated. Cultural activity plays a key role in shaping regions and cities and, in turn, forming our national identity.

Liberal senators are keenly aware of the importance of arts and culture in Canada; the Liberal caucus in the Senate is itself home to a number of extraordinary artists. Continuing to support this important industry is a natural inclination as well as a great source of pride.

Artists provide more than innovation to society; they are an important contributor to our economy. Without the arts we would be a poorer nation – both culturally and financially. Canada’s international identity is shaped by our creative output and Liberal senators believe that we must foster a greater national pride for our many homegrown talents.

The information below highlights just a few of the ways in which Liberal senators are working to safeguard and promote the importance of arts and culture in Canada.

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