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Meet Senator

Joyce Fairbairn

The Hon. Joyce  Fairbairn, P.C., B.A., B.J. Beginning her career as a journalist, Senator Joyce Fairbairn was appointed to the Senate June 29, 1984, by the late former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. She represents the province of Alberta and the Senatorial Division of Lethbridge.

Issues and Ideas

Health Care

I will support my fellow health care workers in their calls for a strengthening of all health care professions - more professionals, more sharing and more money. And we must be creative and vigilant in making Medicare work.

Senator Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, MD (retired)

From coast to coast, in clinics and hospitals, where medical research and clinical trials bring hard-working doctors closer to cures for cancer and more effective treatments, reinvestment in our health care system could be one of the most important commitments we make. 


The ongoing investments we make in health care professionals, equipment and research ensures for Canada the long-term benefits of a strong, reliable health care system. These investments represent powerful commitments to the health of our citizens, communities and our country. 


Liberal senators understand the importance of building and maintaining our national health care system in ways that will not only meet but exceed the demands of our health concerns. With an aging population, it is now more important than ever to focus on strengthening and preserving the structures that will ensure the best quality of life for Canadians. More than four million Canadians – one in five – are currently unable to find a family physician to treat them regularly. We believe that patients must be able to seek necessary treatment – minus the worry of cost, wait times and physician availability – in a system that puts them first.

Through the following information, you will understand what steps Liberal senators are taking to protect and expand our health care system.          

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