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Canada's Role in the World

The very concept of peacekeeping was developed by Mr. Pearson and General Burns in 1956 in Suez, and it was recognized by the entire world in 1957.

Senator Roméo Dallaire on peacekeeping

For more than fifty years, Canada has been a presence as a humanitarian actor on the world stage.  Canada has become a driving force for international peace, working toward global disarmament (including the elimination of landmines), and the eradication of such diseases as HIV/AIDS and malaria. 

Canadians know that in today’s world, problems affecting people overseas can quickly become problems we experience here – whether it is a stalled U.S. economy, food shortages in Africa, or an outbreak in disease in Asia. 

With a stable economy and a culture that cares, Canada is well placed to intervene and help tackle larger issues such as resource sustainability, peace, and humanitarian efforts around the world.

As Liberal senators, we see how important it is to have a long term vision for foreign policy - one that sees beyond short-term political gain.

Through the following information, you will become better informed of the ways in which Liberal senators shed light on these international concerns, and what steps the Senate is taking to make a difference in the world.       

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