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Human Rights

Human Rights are of fundamental importance to all segments of our society and any discussion concerning them should be as broad as possible.  As a nation, we should never take our human rights for granted. As citizens, I invite you to become more involved.

Senator Vivienne Poy (retired)

Canada is a global champion of human rights.  Even before recognizing the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, Canada has made the promotion of dignity, understanding, and inclusion one of the fundamental building blocks of our society and our foreign policy. 


As the Official Opposition in government, Liberals understand that it is our job to raise the level of public debate and set a tone that addresses not only the voices of our people, but of those who live elsewhere.  We understand that, as a multicultural nation, Canada is a country of many faces reflected in our schools, communities, and workplaces.  We understand the need for accommodation.


As key players in the Canadian government, senators understand that taking an active role on issues such as human trafficking and child soldiering contributes to a world that better respects human rights. 


Here you will come to better understand the core elements behind linguistic rights, human trafficking, and child soldiering; how they relate to the protection of human rights, and what our Senate is doing to bring a brighter light to dark places.   

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