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The Senate is a vital part of our parliamentary system, promoting better policies and investigating a wide range of social, economic and cultural issues. By their work and support, our people help us provide a real forum for issues of importance to Canadians.

Senator George Furey

As the upper house in our Parliamentary system, the Senate plays an important – if largely misunderstood – role in Canada’s democracy. Home to the place of “sober second thought,” it is where senators from all four corners of our country represent and defend the interests of Canadians. Unlike the House of Commons, where members represent their particular riding, senators are guided by the public interest and have been entrusted to defend and protect the rights of all of our citizens.

Senators are entrusted to uphold the foundation of our democratic system, based on a respect for minority rights. The Senate provides a voice for those who are overlooked, those who struggle to be heard, and those who are inclined to remain silent. This is a privilege we take seriously and we strive to accomplish great things in our role as Liberal senators.

The Senate is home to a variety of studies that have prompted dialogue, debate and development in a number of areas. Senator Keith Davey drew attention to mass media concentration in 1970; Senator David Croll brought light to poverty in 1971; Senator Michael Kirby proposed mental health care reforms in 2002; and Senator Colin Kenny highlighted airport security issues in 2007.

As Liberal senators, we think it is important that Canadians become more familiar with the Senate in order to engage in meaningful debate about the future of this institution. Reform can be a positive change but only if we ensure that we have the foresight to create effective plans for a new house before simply tearing down the one we have now.

Through this website as a whole and, specifically, the information below, we hope that Canadians can develop a better understanding about the importance of the Senate. We invite you to help us present a variety of viewpoints in this forum so that we can create a well-rounded, thoughtful dialogue about potential reform.

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