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Liberal senators are keenly aware of the importance of implementing important measures that will assist Canadians during these difficult economic times and are determined to find a balance between both vigilant and swift examination of the contents of each budget.

The annual budget presents an opportunity for Liberal senators to address key – and varying – concerns that will have direct and long-term effects on Canadians. From national defence and the ability of Canadians to retire, to job security and economic opportunities, the budget is a significant piece of legislation to which senators dedicate appropriate attention and debate to ensure the well being of Canadians.

Liberal senators compassionately acknowledge the hardships being felt across our country. With significant impacts to industries like the automotive and forestry sectors, increased levels of unemployment and shrinking savings, Canadians can rely on Liberal senators, each year, to treat the budget with the utmost importance. Jobs must be created and protected, the vulnerable must be able to access social services and the concerns of all Canadians must be considered.

Similar to the most recent budgets, this year’s is another omnibus bill. More than 440 pages long, Bill C-45 implements provisions of the budget but also contains a wide variety of other legislative measures. From public service pensions to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, environmental assessments to immigration, a significant amount of policy changes have been bundled together but deserve careful examination.

The information below will help to outline some of the important work being done by Liberal senators to ensure that Canadians receive the appropriate fiscal measures to help combat the repercussions of this recession, and to better understand some of the key issues being debated with each annual budget.

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